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Enable macros of Excel files shared from a specific network share

MS Excel macros download and share in Sharepoint - @luisdatec

As a developer, you may experience problems with Excel macros not opening on your local workstation, even after activating them and unblocking the file. Such issues frequently develop when working with shared resources such as

To resolve this issue on a Windows machine, consider taking the following steps. I found these steps helpful when I faced a similar problem with a shared Excel file containing a macro:

  1. Open Internet Options.

  2. In the Security tab, select Trusted Sites and then click on the button Sites.

  3. Finally, type the URL of the site or server that contains the Microsoft 365 files with the macros, and click Add.

After this update, you should be able to open the file and macro. Make sure you are logged in to Microsoft Excel locally with the email that was shared the file and macro.

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