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Bank recommended for newcomers to Canada

Bank recommended for newcomers to Canada and offer

Welcome to Canada!

I want to share an offer that I received from my bank, and if you use it, you can get $50 easily.

Personally, I use this bank, and at the moment everything is fine. Even, I lost my credit card and someone tried to steal and the bank helped me with the process. For that reason, this is the bank recommended for newcomers to Canada on my part.

Check the website of the bank here.

Can you Participate?

If you’ve recently become a permanent resident or landed immigrant within the last five years, or if you’re a foreign worker holding a Canadian work permit valid for at least twelve months, then consider yourself fortunate – this promotion is tailor-made for individuals like you.

You can read more about the promotion in this article, and I have added below some images about the email that the bank sent to me. Please, check carefully, so you can confirm if you can apply.

Steps to register in the bank offer

  1. Become a CIBC Client. Follow this instructions.
  2. Meet Promotion Conditions: To receive your $50 reward, you must fulfill a few simple conditions:
    • Deposit Requirement: Deposit $100 or more into your new account.
    • Minimum Balance: Maintain a minimum account balance above $0 for 60 days.
    • Payment Setup: Set up either a pre-authorized payment or direct deposit.

Image about the explanation in my email

Disclaimer: This article provides an overview of the CIBC Newcomer Promotion as of the time of writing. Terms and conditions may apply. Please visit the official CIBC website for the most up-to-date information on the promotion and its eligibility criteria.

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