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If it is recurring, it could be automated

Payroll tool created with Google Apps Script

Payroll tool created by the combination of Google Forms, Spreadsheet and Apps Script

Time is money in today’s dynamic business world, and the capacity to efficiently automate recurring processes and provide reports, such as payroll, can have an important influence on a company’s bottom line. This case study looks at how a Google Apps Script-based Payroll tool helped a business track employee work hours, highlighting the benefits of […]

Voipocel, a Master project

Voipocel Cover - Project

This is one of the most complex projects I’ve worked on, and it’s still ongoing. This project involves all of the knowledge that a technology company requires in hardware and software, as well as various fields that any, small or large, business requires.

Automation of Drive organization with Google Apps Script

Copy folder and files to new location by Google Apps Script

This project show Google Script’s amazing capabilities for executing actions within our accounts and assisting with file organization according to specified processes or methods. This project’s custom Apps Script enables┬áthe duplication of existing template folders and files, and also the inclusion of a unique main folder name. This automation significantly improves file organizing, increasing overall efficiency and productivity.


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